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What are The Vault NFT's?

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‘The Vault’ NFT’s grant proof of ownership, voting rights and most importantly a share of profits through monthly distributions. All NFT’s have an equal share of profits and voting rights, regardless of rarity. Any person or wallet can own multiple NFT’s to increase their returns and have a larger say in the community, however only one NFT is needed to gain exclusive access to the community and receive special perks as a casino player or liquidity provider.

The Vault LP

LP Early Access + Discounts

NFT Dividends

Monthly Distributions

VIP Player NFT

VIP Player Rakebacks

The Vault NFT

Community Access

The Vault NFT

Voting    Rights

'The Vault' NFT's are built on the Ethereum Blockchain, based on the ERC-721 token standard. Each NFT is one of a kind, comprised of over 100 different traits and accessories.

Max Supply = 9191

The Vault NFT
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